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Chris Travers

Managing Director

Jack Hillidge

Studio Manager

Nicola Westwell

Company Secretary

Hi, I'm Chris and I am the Managing Director at Collins and Darwell Printers Ltd.

I started here from the moment I left Secondary School and I have never wanted to do anything else other than carry on the Collins and Darwell Legacy! In the 30 years I have been at Collins and Darwell I have seen such dramatic changes but all for the better. We may have gotten smaller but we definitely haven't gotten worse in what we do!

We have done work with many companies that I am proud to say we have completed work for.

Some of these companies include: Pizza Hut UK, NHS Wigan and Leigh, Conlons and many more great businesses.

Bit about me:

I am a father of three kids who loves to play golf, watch rugby and loves beating Jack at badminton (Jack: "So you think!")

Fun Fact:

I leave used cups and plates everywhere in the office and it drives Jack insane ... I LOVE IT.

Hi Everyone, I'm Jack and I am the Studio Manager here at Collins and Darwell Printers Ltd.


I started here in May 2019 and believe it or not, I got the job by chance! Back in May 2017, I was at the Manchester Arena Bombing and every year in Leigh Paul Sargent runs a vigil for the victims of that night. Usually, I just sing at the event, however, in 2018 I decided to design a programme. Paul proceeded to get the programme printed here at Collins and Darwell and Chris was very impressed and wanted to get in touch with me! Let's just say the rest is history which brings us to where I am today as the Studio Manager at 19 Years Old.


I started off as a Graphic Designer and now I basically dip my hand into every jar. I Design, Print and Finish most jobs from Business Cards to NCR Jobs / Leaflets to Booklets.

Bit about me:

I am a singer and former actor. I love to watch YouTube and am very passionate about Ariana Grande. I have seen her live 4 times!!! and every-time she was incredible!

Fun Fact:

Not many people know this about me but I am actually an Ariana Grande superfan ... Erm okay EVERYONE KNOWS!

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